Aamir Khan in Titan HTSE Watches Advertisement

Aamir Khan – Titan HTSE Ad

The Titan HTSE (High Tech Self Energized) watches can be charged by any form of light. Commercial saw a very charming thief as Aamir Khan, who steals light from the corner and sneaking behind. Yet at the same time manages to be lovable from various and surprising sources.

TVC conceptualized by Ogilvy & Mather shows Aamir Khan is looking for good lights and pouring lights from them. First from a table lamp then from Car’s tail light to a ShowRoom’s light and finally from a touch screen mobile. Aamir collects all the lights from different yet wonderful sources and finally makes a Spectacular Titan Watch from it.

The background song ‘If I go Mad because of can’t stop thinking about you’ suits the mood of Ad very well and makes it a must Watch Ad. The creative idea is born from the thought that someone could be in love with light and creates something magnificent and unique from the various sources of light he encounters.

This light powered platform is an exciting development in the journey of brand ‘Titan’.

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