Ram Kapoor & sakshi Tanwar in Dabur Pudin Hara Lemon TVC

The fizz in the gas and acidity market threatens to boil over. Dabur India Ltd’s Health Care Products Division has launched Pudin Hara lemon fizz, an effervescent remedy for gas and acidity. With this launch, Dabur, for the first time, would be directly taking on the might of pharmaceutical and FMCG giant SmithKline Beecham (SKB), which markets Eno in the same segment TV’s current superstars are now emerging as favorites in the celeb endorsement space too. Only this time around their ad appearances seem to be banking heavily on their screen characters and not the individual actor’s real persona. The couple has already made an impression on small screen with their TV serial “Bade Ache lagte hai”. The couple became everyone’s favorite after the show went on air in 2011. It is a granular effervescent powder, which, the company claims, has the natural extract of pudina (mint), besides sarjikshara and lemon extract. Pudina extract is known for its anti-flatulent and carminative properties, while sarjikshara acts as an antacid. The sarjikshara and lemon extract, when mixed in water, produce the effervescence, which helps in removing gas from the alimentary canal. The communication, which is being handled by DDB Mudra Communications produced by illumination film , highlight the carminative and digestive properties, as also the herbal nature of the brand.

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