Femina’s Relaunch TVC ft. Kalki Koechlin & directed by Anurag Kashyap


What food means to hungry person is what femina means to them. It offers more than just a few minutes of reading and remindes us how wonderful we are. It has emerged as rescuer with its loud and clear messege to patriarchal society it is nice to know that someone cares.we can see ourself fitting into the various roles of the feminist women.Their coloum which is ‘women just like you’ convey story about the ordinary and not so ordinary women out there. It really gives insight into the issues for years but never really raised. They are actually exhorted women across the world to make a unique stand and fight the system are applause worthy . Designer baubles.Expensive perfumes.hot handbags.The world is full of things that will make any women ,even one with the sanest head on her shoulders go week in the knees with desires.As we all used to think sex a taboo and sensitive topic they approached it in such a way that we can read without any sense of awkwardness. FEMINA for all the women we are bringing such women to the limelight from the relative anonymity that they live in.. This commercial is a toast to the bold ones, who are going out and building a brave new world for themselves. The task was to dimensionalise the many moods of Indian woman with a certain attitude and style reflective of this mindset.Anurag kashyap(director of this tvc)captures kalki in all her playfull – mischievous one moment, sensuous the next, vulnerable and confident, playful and no-nonsense in the same breath. What starts off as a sexy Sunday morning moment ends up with her partner being charmed (or suckered, more like) into housekeeping duty, without skipping a beat, or wiping the smile off his face.she is down to earth to point of being blunt. She is easily going with the flow with the lyrics playing up all the women that kalki is. when in doubt go with feminst way.

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