Firstpost’ Tv Advertisement – Journalist

In this TVC, Depicting the journalist life the shadow world that the journalist lives in, with tips from informers, interacting with various elements of society not all of them savory, followed by typing it all down on a trusted Remington typewriter that is as tough and hardy as the serious journalist and showing it using the black and white mode with low-key lighting has been adopted in their first ever TVC commercial to depict a newspaper journalist’s life. The film shows a journalist from yesteryear going about his job. He is portrayed as an unsung hero, a source of knowledge, who is ‘walking miles, dodging gunfire and battling it out with critics’ to get his story right. In the end, the Commercial questions the point of his efforts if the news only reaches readers in the form of a newspaper, and hence a day late.Commercial signs off urging viewers to read the day’s news as it happens on as is designed to be news that people consume while being on the move.

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