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Conceptualized by Dentsu Marcom for Honda titled ‘one Life Many Lives’ which repositions the new Honda CR-V as an ‘urban recreation vehicle’ avatar. Honda has launched the all-new CR-V for the man who lives life like it was a series of fast paced mini videos – some homemade, some big screen material, living one life in the morning, another in the middle of the week, nine in the weekend. The new CR-V is for people like him, because like him, it has inexhaustible energy for life and adventure. The protagonist is not a stranger to a life well lived. Rather than give in to the cliché of so much to do, so little time; the idea was that after you reach a certain level in life, you are not asked ‘what you do’ but ‘what do you like doing best’. This basically means that the man has moved on from chasing one thing in his life and has moved up the ladder, he has developed many more interests and has started finding time to chase all of them. The all-new CR-V in many ways is both a metaphor and an enabler of this way of living.The Honda CR-V is one of those few vehicles, even for a class of people who are accomplished, that qualifies as the car that’s talked about on a bumper sticker that says ‘When I grow up, I want to be a ….’. A goose-bump inducing car and drive deserved a simple but classy idea that could do justice to them. And much like the many lives that the CR-V enables, one look at it inspires many ideas on how to create engaging communication around it. What you see is what rose to the top, like the ones who will drive the CR-V.

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