Honda India Motorcycles TVc – Sach Kar Denge Sapne – Akshay Kumar

Client: Honda Motorcycles and Scooters India
Creative Agency: Dentsu Marcom

Its amazing to hear that Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India has roped in Akshay kumar for a whopping 50 Crores for 5 years.

Akshay Kumar has been known to portray tough characters in his commercials, especially Thums up or to have a superb comic timing. However, Honda historically has been known to target the hearts of its audience through emotional marketing. Thus, Honda will exploit neither of Akshay kumar’s advantages.

Created by Dentsu Marcom, Honda, which is respected globally for innovation and technology, is embarking on an independent journey in India. Honda has launched its first independent India campaign featuring Akshay Kumar, taking you through ‘Gali and Chaubaras’ of Bharat or the real India that rises everyday to chase a dream. Honda is attempting to act as a crusader for bridging the gap between your dreams and reality by giving speed. The 90-second TVC takes a slice from every Indian’s life – belonging to different class and creed – to depict each and every human being has to travel a long journey before reaching his ultimate destination. The TVC aims to show how the brand understands and empathizes with the dreams of every Indian

And on top of it, The Ad is nice and contains good vibes too but not that great. Akshay Kumar’s narration sounds a bit slow and the ad shot does not bring anything new to the table. Its just what Honda has been doing over the years – Value focused ads to build its brand. There has been no out of the box effort from HMSI as it is especially necessary now that HMSI has to establish its own brand equity and create a good brand recall. For this HMSI needs to think of some really creative ways to advertise its product. Just by changing the celebrity, changing the wordings but keeping the same theme of winning the consumers heart is not going to work every time. Nowadays, customers are more used to a sense of humor in ads or an ad, which is unique.

With HMSI becoming the only Honda in the country, the task at hand was to carry forward Honda’s global slogan, ‘The Power of Dreams’ in the Indian two-wheeler market. The brief was to create synergy with the Indian ethos, and structure communication that understands and empathizes with the dreams of every Indian.

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