Hrithik Roshan in Coca Cola Ad – ‘Jashan Mana Le’

Keen to build a stronger connect with the young generation, global soft drinks major Coca-Cola India ‘Jashan Mana Le’ campaign will feature Bollywood actor and style icon Hrithik Roshan. The campaign has been designed to showcase the “magical power” of aerated drink Coca-Cola. The commercial is set at a quaint street where a group of youngsters land up late one night to grab a bite, only to find all the shops shut. What follows is a tryst with Hrithik and a magical ride, which leaves them in awe. Set in the context of friends enjoying their food, the cold drink brings life to the moment and transforms it into an impromptu celebration.

The emotions captured in the campaign of togetherness and celebrations, being energized by a bottle of Coca-Cola are very real and identifiable. The idea of the new campaign is tell the audience how the magical power of the beverage brings celebration into the lives of its consumers the youth today will strongly identify with both the lingo and message of this campaign The creative hopes to highlight Coca-Cola as an integral part of consumers’ night dinners. Celebrating the role of Coca Cola in delivering enjoyment, refreshment and bringing families together at Saturday mealtime the objective is to reinforce their collective role in bringing people together for a fun, enjoyable Saturday mealtime..

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