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Valentine day concept is old, let’s make it new with IDEA

It’s more than an ad It’s a satire on the times we live in. young people are shocked when they see people much older than them having fun. In this commercial, we can see the person who must be in his seventies celebrating the spirit in a very earthy way they Might not have celebrated the Valentine’s Day in their youth but that doesn’t mean they can do it now! Concept behind this commercial is stemmed from deep-seated prejudice. It captures an urban Indian humour and language. This AD serves the purpose of making us stop for a minute to appreciate the another side of romance in the chaos that is Indiawhere only the beautiful and energetic get to exit as sexual beings without provoking public scorn. Even in this tvc husband are not ashamed to purpose her though she took it in the other at the end of this tvc. I always think IDEA takes concepts firmly rooted in the middle class; there is a new world of ads they have been showing us since they roped Abhishek bachchan in to their circle. They havemoved on from‘only for entertainment purpose’ ads to ‘entertainment with zing’

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