Peter England Shirting TVC – Kareena Kapoor

During the time, a new India was emerging; it was a land of growth and opportunity. The apparel consumption behavior was undergoing a sea of change, and there was a huge market opportunity waiting to be explored. Consumers were exposed to brand formal men’s wear, but there were no dominant national players in the mid-priced segment. Madura Garments recognized the huge opportunity that was theirs for the taking. With 4.5 million urban men who were in the market for shirts with international finish and quality, it was imperative that they find an international brand with a reputation for excellent quality and modern style at value for money prices. The search ended with Peter England that had, in the century since its inception, forged a name both for product excellence and for down-to-earth prices, reflecting in its tag ‘The Honest Shirt’.

Looking back, the brand that conceived the ‘Honest Shirt’ went on to sell a million shirts within the first two years of its launch. The ‘Honestly Impressive’ campaign that followed was greeted with interest. From just shirts and trousers, the brand had diversified to suits, a complete range of casual wear including denim, and recently, into party wear. In this commercial which is conceptualized by Mudra communication, the dashing young man rescues the heroine from a crazed fan and she gets swept off her feet This commercial marks a transition in Peter England’s journey, Using Kareena to play herself in the advertisement is to show that for once, it’s the celebrity who is getting impressed by the Peter England man, this is probably the first time a star is being used as a catalyst in the fashion category and not endorsing it The `personality’ tactic serves to cut through the clutter. The brand’s communication has moved from telling the consumer what the brand is to what it does. It is “honestly impressive”, as the tagline claims, and the launch of suits in the brand Pradeep Sarkar of Apocalypso films directed has “re-energized” it, the commercial, which was shot in Mumbai.

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