McCain Foods Tvc featuring Karishma Kapoor

‘Jhatse banao , kuch tasty khao’

Conceptualized by Leo Burnett produced by Whacky Films Company, featuring Karishma as a smart woman who delights her family and guests with quick snacks prepared in minutes. With McCain’s easy-to-prepare frozen products, I can serve up popular snacks like French fries & Aloo Tikki as well as innovative snacks like Potato Bites & Veggie Nuggets. Mccain is a great solution for women, whether working or homemakers. McCain Foods leads the fast emerging market in India for frozen French fries and Potato Specialties. The company is strengthening its India specific product portfolio with products such as Aloo Tikki, besides marking its foray into non-potato based frozen food category with products such as Idli Sambar. McCain branded retail products are most popular and are available in most modern supermarkets as well as traditional stores. The company is continuously increasing its presence in India with its competitively priced products.The TVC opens with Karishma saying that earlier she was constantly worried about the doorbell ringing, as it would bring kids, family, friends and unexpected guests with their demands of tasty food in minutes. However, today when the doorbell rings, she welcomes everybody with a smile. She walks into the kitchen and makes McCain snacks in just ‘3 minutes’ from ‘freezer-to-fryer’. In last scene, Karishma is seen serving McCain snacks to her family. Everybody kicks into celebration mood after tasting the assortment of fun snacks prepared by her within ‘3 minutes’. It is ingrained in every Indian woman’s heart that her family looks up to her for tasty food. She gets constantly challenged on whether her food would meet the expectations of guests and family or not. Situations like unexpected guests at home, kids asking for interesting evening snacks and family members craving for exciting food make her restless. Through this Ad campaign, they tried to address Women inner turmoil. It portrays elevated pride of the ‘lady of the house’ when delighted family members wonder, whether this food was ordered from outside. We are a nation of food loving people and our love for food bonds us together. With this campaign, we wanted to capture the happiness, fun and joy, which we feel when we indulge in good food. McCain Foods India Pvt. Ltd, the Indian subsidiary of McCain Foods Canada – the world’s largest producer of frozen French fries and potato specialty products, announced Karishma Kapoor as its first ever brand ambassador in India. Bollywood Diva Karishma will endorse the entire range of McCain’s Indian and International product portfolio through advertising, marketing and promotions. As she embodies the contemporary women of today – balancing the pressures of work, children and home with grace. Today’s women have come a long way from the days when cooking tasty snacks meant spending hours in the kitchen over a hot cook stove, having to chop and dice every ingredient from scratch. Now she keeps her frozen reserves handy to save time planning, shopping or preparing dishes, making sit-down family meals much more enjoyable

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