Reliance Consumer Finance Home Loan TVC


This tvc has been conceptualized and executed by Equus Advertising A home of one’s own has always been a dream of everyone. It is about security and aspiration. Reliance Home Finance (RHF) has come out with a new TVC aimed at projecting itself as a partner in helping achieve this aspiration by providing tailor-made loan solutions to make your dream come alive. This TVC stands out for its sheer simplicity as it evocatively brings out the emotions and aspirations involved in owning a home. It does this through cinematically projecting the dreams of various couples.

The narrative lends a certain credence to consumer circumstances as do the dialogues. RHF as the protagonist of the communication gives it a certain realism. When it comes to buying a home, there are a lot of emotions involved – pride, security, aspirations and more. One goes through rounds of seeing, shortlisting, negotiations, etc. After doing all of that comes the main decision – how to manage finances. At that moment, you wish you had someone who would hold your hand, understand your individual needs and give you tailor-made loan solutions to make your dream come alive, and at Reliance Home Finance wanted to establish this USP.

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