Tata Sky new cool ad “Poochne Mein Kya Jaata Hai” – Drive

Add a spark in your relationship by your urge to ask questions…
u know never know, you might get a surprise at the end of the day

Ads have echoed the changing preferences of society it’s an insightful campaign and doctrinaire in a way that it connects with consumer instantly and deliver the messages in a very memorable way. With this campaign they wanted to build a sense of romance and simultaneously show that Tata Sky can offer you things that you thought were impossible. In this commercial, wife goes ahead with notion to ask question but get a usual answer from her husband. After a number of years of marriage, there is love but it is not the usual mushy kind of love as a degree of realism sets in. Both the partners understand each other and they accept each other’s flaws. The relationship has managed to transcend all that and still be as beautiful as it could be. Where one asks seemingly impossible questions and ends up feeling surprisingly delightful with the answers. It is so true and relatable that people connect with it instantly. What we wanted to communicate was that it’s a myth that high quality service would always be costly. In addition to that we wanted to explain that there are different aspects to our services and customer can make use of them by just asking us about.


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