Airtel Emotional TV Commercial – “Papa Ap Delhi Gaye”

This AirTel TV Commercial is a true marvel. The little kid – Virej Dasani has done a fabulous job one could actually connect either themselves or their child with this actor. Rediffusion E&Y & Footcandles to come up with such a briliantly executed conceptwith the ‘almost real’ feel. What is so unique that Airtel’s Ad reaches to the masses so easily? They never talk about the product and tariffs in their commercials but still it connects so well with the viewers. Even in this Ad, they have not talked about their product or brand. They are able to connect so well because they know the psyche and pulse of Indian consumers. It blends so well with the emotions of the customer that they don’t need any big bang celebrity or grappling tariff to reach to the masses. This commercial is meant to strike a cord with one particular niche customer. Evocative human stories have been the strength ofAirtel.

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