Cadbury very emotional AD – Lonely Ma trying to chat

There seems to be some major repositioning going on in Cadbury’s. Each year on the run up to Diwali FMCG companies come up with some amazing ads to capitalize on the festive season. Cadbury’s has always been the one to align its ads with fun, love, friendship and happiness (silk, pappu pass ho gaya, etc). Cadbury lately came out with its new TVC “Lonely Maa” for the festive season. However this time round it adds a pretty hard-hitting message with these emotions.

This advertisement has hit the nail on its head in reaching out to the youth. All the young people can identify with the son in the advertisement. We have become very busy with our careers and other commitments and find little time for family and dear ones. The caption at the end of the TVC reads “Is Baar jaake milenge “, promoting the age-old Indian custom of visiting near and dear ones during festivals, a custom that the present generation seems to give a miss due to the busy and hectic lifestyle. Gauging from the initial reactions on my Facebook Wall and Twitter timeline, this TVC has caught the fancy of the social media addicted generation at which it was aimed at. The brilliant plot and the emotional appeal will make sure that the TVC will generate lots of attention for the brand.

Cadbury has always tried to position itself as a complement or replacement of Indian sweets, which are a part of all auspicious activities and new beginnings in the life of the Indian consumer. In doing so, Cadbury has realized that it is necessary for it to promote Indian values and traditions such as “spending time with family”, “celebrating festivals “,”Being there for friends and family always”,” never forgetting your roots” to stay relevant in the lives of the Indian consumer. Cadbury has done a great job of being consistent with this message not only for its flagship product Cadbury Dairy Milk with campaigns like “The Payday Campaign”, “Shubh Aarambh” etc but also for its newly launched “Oreo” biscuits where it communicated the importance for spending quality time with one’s children to working parents.

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