B’lue Mineral Water TVC by Danone featuring Vir Das

B’lue Uplifts Vir Das

The man with the funny bone,Stand-up comedian, Vir Das, has a new vigour. After Delly belly Vir was picked up by the Danone group to endorse their latest product, Blue.

No Blue thoughts here… just a new way to endorse life and bring out the best in you. A drink which is fruit flavoured restorative drink which Vir advertises inducing his quirkiness and you can be assured that one sip will not be enough.

Actor Vir Das, Actor, stand-up comic and musician, the funnyman is all set to shift gears.He is the brand ambassador for a new restorative drink ‘Blue’ and marking his first ever television commercial for Blue Water.

A few years ago red Bull was the only known energy drink in India but in last few years we have seen multiple brand launches in the category from Cloud 9 which was the first Indian energy drink, to XXX , From Coca-cola Burn to PepsiCo SoBe(but it has not taken off) Indian market for energy drink has grown exponentially in the last decade . The new BLUE from Danone Narang Beverages joins bandwagon of energy drinks, all new drink for your body mind and mood. B’lue is a fruity splash of refreshment with stimulating aroma and blend of vitamins and minerals.Danone Narang Beverages, a joint venture between the French Group – Danone and Indian business house Narang Group, is pleased to announce the launch of B’lue, a delicious water-based restoration beverage in Pune. The group is pioneering a new segment in the indian beverage industry.

Energy drinks in India till a year back were dominated by players such as Rhino’s, Bullet,Cloud 9 and Red Bull among others has suddenly spruced. Sales, however, started picking up post the entry of established players such as Pepsi. By launching its commercial, they have waded into a space that instantly pits them against the leviathan of energy drinks, Red Bull.

In true Vir Das’ stand up comedy style, the actor has a comic approach to all the situations in the ad film. See it to believe it right here.

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