Britannia NutriChoice Oats and Ragi Biscuits Ad – Sameer Soni

Britannia most of the times associated with health issue in its TV commercial , This time Britannia focus on diabetes management in the adult population. In keeping with this, Britannia has rolled out its NutriChoice Diabetic Friendly essentials — Oats and Ragi cookies – as additions to its Nutrichoice range of biscuits. It builds on the insight of healthy snacking between meals. Conceived by Lowe Lintas, TVC opens up in an office setup, wherein a secretary( swara bhaskar) gets instruction from her boss (Sameer Soni) not to disturb him as he is occupied with an important meeting. But the secretary steps into his cabin and places a pack of biscuits on his desk reminding of his lunch that happened two hours before. It will throw light on how the right levels of sugar intake help to maintain appropriate sugar levels in the body, contrary to prevailing notions.

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