Diet Pepsi Funny Tv Advertisement : Come On

Diet Pepsi commercial titled “Come On,” with Sofia Vergara created by TBWA The actress appears to be staring longingly at the man sat on the table next to her, but. Much to his embarrassment, it suffices that she actually wants the can of Diet Pepsi behind him. In the spot the actress is sitting in a café and seems to be flirting with a handsome guy at the next table—as it turns out, she is snapping her eyes not at him, but at a can of Diet Coke, which is behind the guy. A man thinks the Colombian beauty wearing a blue dress is checking him out. Nope, the look is reserved for the one and only Diet Pepsi. The humorous ad, which was launched ahead of the holiday, is a new spot in the series of ads within the “Love Every Sip” campaign,. “Love is in the air and in every sip as Sofia Vergara looks longingly towards the thing she wants more than anything else- her can of Diet Pepsi. Men can’t help but fall under her spell, as she gets all googly-eyed, falling in love with Diet Pepsi all over again. The name of the campaign perfectly syncs with the Valentine’s Day theme. a Diet Coke logo Fashion designer Marc Jacobs features a nice red heart.

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