Godrej HIT Anti Cockroach Gel – New Advertisement

While the Economic Strategy Planners were planning to launch the reforms for Economic Liberalization on February 28, Godrej

HIT Anti Roach Gel On the same day they realized commercial to liberalize the housewives of mixing & making the concoction and spraying it. The latter hit the market in a Do-it-yourself Format, the first of its kind in India. Later, in December, HIT Crawling insect killer (Laal HIT) made its debut providing an efficacious solution for the cockroaches. HIT came out with the economic price to relieve some pressure. Above all, to cool down the wits, the commercial is lively and situational. The pests are eating up the society through corruption and the scams are getting surfaced. While we struggled to take on strong measures to prevent corruption, HIT seems to me taking the oath of killing the cockroaches in the house since even a single cockroache is dangerous, there has to be no mercy!
The most popular is “HIT” spray, just spray on the cockroach and it dies almost immediately due to asphyxiation. There is also a gel available . it is pasted in cracks and creeks, this cockroach pest can be averted. It gets killed by the anti oxidants in the gel. While HIT has a strong odor, the gel is odorless. IT is hassle free. HIT can kill other pets that u may have innthe house. Little children and rabbits or chicken will get affected by it due to its noxious poison in the inhaling of it.

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