Kopiko Candy 2013 New TVC Advertisment

“Good Balance Of Sweet to Coffee taste in a rectangular candy”

Lots of people love coffee. They brings color to your daily life. But in some cases, you could not find a cup of coffee. Like trapped in the middle of rush hours, or driving across the country. The Kopiko coffee candies are really famous around Southeast Asia and are getting to crawl on the world. There are a lot of Coffee candies but reviews would suggest that Kopiko has that distinct taste that they really love. This would suggest that there is something with the ingredients that Kopiko provides for the manufacturing of their candies. You can crack it if you want to have it assimilate faster inside your mouth. They give you an instant rejuvenation and will certainly awaken your senses.

In that case, you might want to save these coffee candy in your pocket. Kopiko is a coffee candy brands that made from the true coffee, so you won’t lose the taste and smells of the real coffee and can be a good replacement or complement of your daily coffee or caffeine craze as it is Convenient and handy.

Kopiko Coffee candies are said to be the best. But of course you’ll have to try it to know. One good thing about the Kopiko coffee candies apart from it price is that they are made from real coffee beans. These beans, they say are made from the finest Java beans there is, Of course there are other ingredients that make it more delicious.

Introduced in the indian market by KOPIKO as a hard boiled Coffee candy. It is blended by World’s number one Coffee candy in such a way to give enjoyment of real coffee without having to brew. In this TVC, KOPIKO positioned itself as Makes You Stay awake”.

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