Latest Funny TVc Cadbury Perk Glucose – Jogging

Cadbury India has launched a new advertising campaign for its wafer chocolate brand Perk with Glucose Energy which features amrita arora who was last seen in oh my god paresh raval daughter aimed to appeal to consumer taste buds and provide an energy benefit as well .The new proposition seeks to marry a consumer insight with the product benefit in an engaging and contemporary manner. Perk is having serious competition from Kitkat and Munch. The current positioning of Perk is similar to that of Munch, which is endorsed by Rani Mukharjee. Perk can have solace that Munch ads are also lousy.The fact that the market is stagnating shows that the brand is not able to create a place for itself in the mind of the customer and it is competing with other full chocolate brands like dairy milk. Perk’s initial positioning had they continued it could have helped the brand to have a space for itself different from other brands. Perk could have encouraged its customers to keep a Perk always at home and with them because no one knows when they will be hungry. . Watch out how the youth today enjoys doing some old mundane activities a little hatke!

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