“Poochne Mein Kya Jaata Hai” Funny Tata Sky Ad – Dinner

Ask(her) out, answer could be in your favour

Tata Sky is one of the rare brands whose campaigns over the years have been so consistently good and hilarious. It’s not only the humor quotient but also the way they gel their message with it. Be it umpteen “Jhingalala” ads by Aamir Khan in different avatars or the recent “Courtroom” campaigns or the latest “Poochne mein kya jata hai” ad. All of these have interesting plots and talented actors to convey the message. Audiences like to be entertained, but not pitched. People will pay more attention to a humorous commercial than a factual or serious one, opening themselves up to be influenced It got people repeating the company’s name across the country. The repetition of the company name and the actual content of the commercial reinforce the message in a relevant manner. The key to funny advertising is assuring the humor is appropriate to both product and customer. A funny script is an accomplishment, but a funny commercial is a miracle. The campaign is now tailored celebrating Valentine’s Day as the theme. The new TVC by Tata Sky features two young men who are having a conversation while servicing a bike, one friend asks the other about the opinion he has of him. Even as one is wondering where this would lead to, the camera suddenly brings in a shy girl, sitting on a staircase next to them. The message is simple – there is always a way to ask a question that will get you your answer.

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