Megan Fox’s Hidden Passion – Acer Aspire S7

Explore beyond limit with megan fox

It seems Acer is looking to make that ad into a series, as the company has just released a commercial in India featuring a well-known celebrity doing something that might be seen as totally out of character. Conceptualized by Mother London, In a new commercial for Acer’s Aspire S7, Transformers actress Megan Fox plays on her babe status by keeping the proceedings chaste in lab coats and button-down as a dolphin expert, working tirelessly to communicate with dolphins. Here is Megan not thinking about something as mundane as saving the whale — for she is determined to get dolphins to speak Hollywood English. With the help of a few disheveled scientists, Megan uses her brainpower to commune and then communicate yes; even the dolphins know her name. This one wants to know what it’s like hugging her, too. The commercial begins with Megan Fox having a meal during the day with a woman who is chatting away. The lobster tank in the restaurant distracts Fox. She takes two lobsters out of the tank and returns them to the ocean. The next scene goes onto, where she heads to a laboratory and is greeted by a room full of researchers. Fox uses the Acer Aspire S7 Ultrabook to develop a level of communication between her and a dolphin. The dolphin says, “Hello, Megan.” Fox and the room full of researchers cheer. Finally, it ends with the dolphin asking for a hug and fades into the laptop information and tagline. Acer’s not using Fox as its “corporate spokesperson,” rather, it’s just using her looks to spread the word that the Acer brand is now more ‘premium’ than it used to be. Yet Fox makes a somewhat convincing marine Biologist in this ad for Acer, which shows a hidden side to the sex symbol — a passion for dolphins the aim is to underscore Acer’s brand mission to “explore beyond limits.” Fox, however, is no stranger to technology. Back in 2011, she was seen slinking around a bathtub in a Motorola super bowl TV spot.

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