7UP New Ad – Kimono dress & maharashtrian dance

When you live a hectic life, and miss the fun parts in it,
It’s time to loosen up a bit and Feel UP every minute!Just do a little jig and you could feel UP all the time!

7UP has come a long way since its launch in India in 1990. The brand has consistently attempted to represent charm and a laid back/optimistic attitude to life. Taking that mandate further is a new positioning for the brand, which will be fully unveiled by this commercial.

Taking forward its brand philosophy of ‘I Feel UP’,7 up rolled out a new commercial. Lending an insight on the entire campaign, all the lime and lemon products have a peculiar uplifting quality The whole concept stemmed from the fact that lemon drink makes you feel light, effervescent and happy, and also uplifts your mood. Celebrating India’s UPtimism, 7UP has also embarked on a never done before nation-wide dance odyssey. With dance being the ultimate expression of an upbeat spirit, 7UP has flagged off a unique, dancing journey .

We Indians are unputdownable and our optimism or UPtimism helps us stay motivated in any situation. India Feels UP and at 7UP they salute that with their new positioning.This commercial will resonate well with consumers nationwide because UPtimism is a theme that most of us can relate to and there is no pretense about it. The 7UP philosophy reflects the mood of our country and how we always manage to stay positive.
The brand philosophy of 7UP, ‘ I Feel Up’ celebrates India’s undying UPtimism and positive attitude. That’s what this is all about. A Flash Mob is a great way to get people’s attention, and Laughter Flash Mobs are wonderful, for bringing people together. Humor in advertising is risky. It can also be devastatingly effective, 7up last commercial Kathakali didn’t seem to convince targeted audiences as they consider mimicking such a respected art form is not creative but when done right, humor works – really, really well like in this commercial.
in the past, 7UP has always been about converting the negative into something positive. Some of the campaigns along these lines include ‘Bheja Fry, Toh 7UP try’, and last year’s ‘Gussa Hatao, Chill Machao'(which once again, featured actor Joshi).

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