Cinthol Deo Latest Ad featuring Virat Kohli

Cinthol has embarked on a campaign to introduce its brand revamp; complete with a new range of soaps, shower gels and deos. New commercial of cinthol is to communicate the new ‘Alive is awesome’ positioning features none other than virat kohli. Cinthol has stayed with the ‘Alive is awesome’ positioning unveiled last year, but upped the intensity with a brand ambassador, Virat Kohli, for its strong deos. Commercial conceptualized by Creativeland Asia shows a seemingly tense Virat Kohli seated in his dressing room before going out to bat. The full film reveals that he’s not tense, but raring to go at the bowlers. He breaks into an energetic song, as he gets ready to enter in the field, spraying Cinthol Deo along the way. He is flaunting ”Alive” connoted the rigor of Cinthol as a brand and thought of ‘awesome’ which is so contemporary, and to balance that out the commercial ends with he making his way to bat screaming ‘Alive is awesome’ into the camera, even as the strong deo variants make an appearance by personifying the freshness

The new execution certainly has a sense of scale. The brand has always positioned itself in the realm of freshness and depicted machismo. The new campaign aims to target the ‘youthful explorer’ that exists in all of us. They are just communicating this fresh personality of the brand with a proposition.

The campaign stays within the ‘Alive is awesome’ realm, but adopted a slightly different take for deos. Cinthol Deo is about intense fragrances, and Virat fit the bill very well being a passionate, intense competitor on the field And that intensity is something we did not try and put into words, but showed in action.

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