Dollar Bigboss Inner wear 2013 new ad – Akshay & Prabhu

Every year with the start of summer, Dollar comes up with innovative ideas to market its innerwear products. Dollar Big boss rolled out it new TV commercial with Lowe lintas,the creative agency behind this TV and scripted by R. balki His looks coincides with his action style from Rowdy Rathore for its innerwear brand Dollar BigBoss in the latest summer campaign for the brand. Fit Hai Toh Hit Hai, Dollar Bigboss TVC Making 2013 with Akshay Kumar, Prabhu Deva, the story goes on like this Akshay kumar was sitting in the Van suddenly he heard someone screaming for help and he come out and look up and from here the story revolves as akshay and prabhu shared a glance with each other and in the glace they decided to show each other who’s great dancer and when akshay kumar show him the last move even prabhu dev agree with the brand title Fit hai boss. Big boss commercial in the past usually done with a Action but this time it more like a fun than action sequence.

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