Fortune Rice Bran Health Cooking Oil New AD

Fortune Rice Bran Health joy of eating

Rice Bran oil is the new buzzword in Indian markets and advertisements touting its healthy value are in plenty. A revolution in the world of cooking oils, rice bran oil,the healthiest oil in the world., is naturally enriched with multiple nutrients that translate into health benefits for every member in the family. The best fit for every health-conscious family, it is recommended by doctors and scientists all over the world as shown in Tv commercial,It’s a visual relief to see the positive side of oil rather than the bulge around the waist

Fortune has always adapted in all its TVCs to address the health concerns of many Indian households through innovation. Rice Bran Health is Fortune’s promise of good health and a new step towards keeping pace with the necessities of the changing lifestyle of today’s consumers

Fortune rice bran health is not only for those with medical conditions, but also the health conscious segment which believes in eating right to prevent ailments.

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