Gitanjali Jewellery New Ad Ft. Salman Khan – Shagun & Swarna Mangal

Shagun & Swarna Mangal

If you are interested in saving money every month in Gold & Diamond jewellery Gitanjali Group has Come up with some unique plans called “Swarna Mangal” & “Shagun” Salman Khan, known for churning out mass hits,endorsing two of Gitanjali schemes that seek to provide a cover to consumers against the rising Gold prices.

The TVC shows Salman Khan as a solution provider to his friend who is unable to plan the gold jewellery needs for his daughter’s wedding due to high gold prices.

In India, Where jewellery is an integral part of almost all the special occasions like marriages and festivals,savings schemes like Swarna Mangal and Shagun, Gitanjali Group is making it possible for consumers to pick up some dazzling gold and diamond jewellery at very attractive rates.

Swarna Mangal is the gold price protection plan designed to provide protection against the Rising Gold Prices kinda gold price protection plan, Shagun is a jewellery accumulation plan. These schemes have been designed to make it easier for consumers to go beyond their budget while purchasing their favourite jewellery, without having to actually spend anything more.Both offers flexibility in payment and redemption options.

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