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Kissan Tomato Ketchup New Tvc ft Kratika Sengar

The start of another school year signals a reminder to mums of the need to get back into grind of preparing a tasty, appealing and nutritious school lunch, five days a week for hungry, growing children. Unfortunately, despite the very best intentions, all too often sandwiches and fresh fruit are returned squashed in the bottom of school bags leaving parents in despair and children potentially not getting all of the nutrition they require. While parents do their utmost to make sure their children eat a balanced meal at dinner time, research shows that providing healthy snacks did not necessarily mean they would get eaten.

Today, Kissan is more than just jams, ketchups and squashes. It’s all about kids eating happily & growing up happily.Filled with nothing but natural goodness, Kissan has found a way to keep both, mothers & kids happy. The brand’s reassurance to mothers is; they won’t have to worry about their child’s growth with them eatingany of the Kissan products. Because Kissan lets every child enjoy what they love to eat & helps them grow.

. A unique product with a mayonnaise base blended beautifully with local Indian flavours. With superior taste and three times more nutrition than butter, Kissan Creamy Spread is perfect for mothers who face a daily challenge to feed their kids with healthy home cooked food which they refuse to eat.With Kissan Creamy Spread, kids have now not only made their boring food interesting, but have also started finishing their food completely, and at the same time are keeping their mothers happy.

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