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McVitie’s Biscuits New Ad Featuring Bipasha Basu

Biscuit ke naam pe sirf maida kha rahe ho

Brings us a little taste of home!

The TVCs, created by Publicis Capital feature Bollywood actresses Bipasha Basu who have a immense passion for a healthy lifestyle, and embody great values that are a great fit with the brand.

The nation’s favorite accompaniment to a cup of tea whether dunked or crunched! At Rs 10/- per packet you wouldn’t bat an eyelid before picking it up. At teatime, it’s easy to down a couple of biscuits (they are crisp and taste good!) and think that the fiber in the biscuit is going to protect your heart! McVitie’s Digestive Cookies were given their name in the late 1800’s because it was believed that the high content of baking soda helped with digestion Made from a blend of wheat flour and whole meal, besides perfect accompaniment to your afternoon cup of tea and you can even use them in a variety of recipes, including cheesecake, In this tvc bipasha basu making its comparison with other biscuit brands by showing us that they had antacid properties and how her colleagues changing their habit to a healthy habit

Historically, some producers used diastatic malt extract to ‘digest’ some of the starch that existed in flour prior to baking in a bid to make its product healthy It goes without saying Digestive biscuits + tea = heaven! Tastes like wheatey and grainy. If you’re a biscuit lover, you should definitely give it a try. Makes a lovely mid-afternoon or late-night snack. All their biscuits claim to be Zero cholesterol and no transfat…How nice is that?! The brand positioning for the same being ‘Change your habit to a healthy habit’ they have come up with a quirky way of getting the message across to all the health conscious people out there.

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