Nestle Munch Latest Ad – Virat Kohli

Munch is a brand that has been innovating to keep the excitement going. It is a vibrant brand that believes in credibility Munch is the second largest brand in the chocolate-based confectionery segment in India. Munch was launched in 1999 by Nestle to counter the brand Picnic from Cadbury. But now Munch survived and Picnic is dead.

The brand is a result of the intense war between Kit kat and Perk. When Kit kat was launched, Cadbury launched Perk to flank its flagship brand Dairy Milk. Then Munch was launched by Nestle as a price warrior. At Rs 5, the brand became a blockbuster success cannibalizing Kit Kat and forcing Perk to launch a low priced variant.

The product is a wafer layer covered with delicious choco layer. The Nestle munch is positioned based on its taste. Munch uses the tagline ” Can’t Stop Munching” to promote its taste as the USP. Roping Tamil actor in their new commercial seems to be energetic and is perceived to be smart and full of energy, as compared to previous ads of Nestle munch which were lousy and were not engaging with audiences in a contemporary and subtle manner and a touch of artificiality in the ads. And I never believe that the brand succeeded because of the commercials. The prime factor behind the brand’s success was the price factor. Rs 5 always enthused the customers to make that impulse purchase. The quantity was just right for the price and parents will have a feeling that kids are not eating too much chocolate.

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