New & Improved Olay Total Ad featuring Kajol

Fountain of youth

Women who truly believe that there are miracles hidden in a jar of skin cream also seem to believe that the more expensive the cream, the more they are ensured of a total anti-ageing experience. Vanity thy name is women. Almost all women have obsession with their skin and beauty… they believe that it is one factor which will open all doors to fortune and power to them. Since it is the only instrument to ensure their climbing up the social and work ladder .They will go to any extent to preserve, protect and enhance it. A woman before the mirror forgets her head and her face is her greatest asset. With head away, they are easy targets of the makers of these creams and what not ,Show a woman a prettier face than hers and she will do everything to look better than her ,This is what drives the insane market of beauty products bringing in billions in profit. We struggling and battling with priorities and deadline. . Every woman is beautiful. But as her priorities change over the years, she becomes so busy that skin care isn’t as important as it used to be. But why should her beauty be left behind just because she’s married or has become a mother? That’s why through the ‘Olay Total Effects Skin Challenge’. Women can now become and feel beautiful all over again that what the company claim. In this tvc kajol is struggling and battling with priorities and deadline But this ad shows to a get a younger and to fight anti aging skin use olay total effects but I would’ve liked to have seen where kajol gets into moving yoga(yoga while working) to promote yoga among businesswomen along with using anti aging crème. I m appalled that the term we use to talk about is ‘’anti’’ .why are we trying to stave off the natural ageing process as it only leads to dissatisfaction.

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