Olay Natural White 2013 latest TVC

un’fair deal

Another tvc on fairness cream which promise to be your ticket to the world of glamor. I cringe every time I saw this type of ads onTV Though It gives good matte finish to the skin but who like white washing effect on their skin. What connects Shah Rukh Khan, Shahid Kapur, john abraham, Genelia D’Souza, Deepika padukone , and now Yaami Gautam? They have all endorsed fairness cream.

Indians are so obsessed with fairness is evident from the way these creams do brisk business in the country. But is everything fair in the advertising game? No matter how much we say we live in modern urban India girl’s still in India proposals being turned down on account of their skin tone, skin color is factored in before arranging a marriage that is done to ensure the couple has fair-skinned babies later on. There is a zillion articles written and said on the white fetish but still that doesn’t stop advertisers from airing “get a instant glow @ 15 rs”. I’ve come across a business woman who runs salon said even she rarely discourages it but can’t do anything about it as the demand is huge, and if she don’t cater to it, she will lose out. That’s a risk she is not willing to take as a business woman A recent warning issued by the world health organization (WHO) says that the common ingredient in skin lightening products — mercury — can have adverse effects such as kidney damage, reduction in the skin’s resistance to bacterial and fungal infections, anxiety, depression or psychosis and also peripheral neuropathy.

The warning is especially serious for India as 61% of the dermatological market here consists of skin lightening products. Apart from mercury, the creams also contain harmful ingredients such as hydroquinone which leads to permanent disruption of melanocytes, which produces melanins. After long use, some cells become permanently inactive resulting in white patches and ammonia. Ammonia is a bleaching agent which burns the skin. Not surprisingly, advertisements for fairness creams afford to come with a shade card to mark the stages in the progress from dark to a lighter skin. Regular use of such products loosens the skin leading to wrinkle. This need to be addressed in a very articulate way by ASCI by showing ads should disclose its content properly before airing on television or it can show in other way too by showing this creme doesn’t hinder in the melanin production.

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