2013 Range Rover Evoque Car TV Commercial

Ah yes, the Range Rover. Many people still say that this SUV can double as a luxury saloon for businessmen on the go. Land rover has sold more than 6,000 Range Rover Evoque SUVs so far this year, making it the company’s second-best seller behind the Range Rover Sport. To keep the momentum going range rover roll out a new commercial with the background music given by Ray Charles – Come Rain or Come Shine The model has a long history behind it, spanning four generations, beginning with the mark that entered production in 1970 and stay along until 1996 To promote the next-generation SUV which has already become a sales hit with customers in all corners of the globe, Land Rover new TV advert simply called “Range Rover’s Evoque We had trouble figuring out what it’s about until we tried searching the song used as a background. Range Rover Evoque brings Sensational Coupe design to one of the world’s greatest Fuel marques. Its Compact Footprint and advanced power train technology deliver higher performance together with lower Fuel Consumption And Co2 emissions than any previous Range Rover model. Range Rover Evoque offers the same sleek, Striking Silhouette as the coupe but with added practicality and convenience. Commercials like this are designed to capture your imagination and make you wonder. They’re as much about engaging you as selling you. Because in today’s advertising, the facts often don’t matter. But the buzz always does. It’s not the most practical crossover SUV on Earth, but the 2013 Range Rover Evoque has a lot of style, refined driving manners and the traditional Land Rover off-road talents to make it a very appealing compact luxury crossover.The 2013 Range Rover Evoque’s emphasis on design extends to its interior, where rich, multitone combinations of leather, plastics and metal combine in the various design themes, resulting in a cabin that certainly has more flair than the standard designs found in most other luxury crossover interiors.

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