Sony Xperia™ Z mobile Latest Holi TVc

Sony Mobile has revealed its most ambitious marketing campaign yet for its Xperia smart phones with a significant global marketing investment. Integrated marketing campaign highlights the best of Sony in the flagship Xperia Z smart phone. In a creative execution that features a selection of Sony’s much-loved products from the past, Clips from the TV advert include watching the Apollo launch on a Trinitron television, roller-skating whilst listening to a cassette Walkman, filming a historic moment such as the fall of the Berlin Wall on a Sony camcorder and playing Gran Turismo on the original PlayStation. The ad then moves to the present with the introduction of the Xperia Z in the middle of the Holi festival in India the campaign reflects the unique consumer experiences that only Sony can deliver as it looks back at iconic moments in history and showcases Sony’s technologies available today. showcasing the best of Sony innovation including sleek designs, Full HD displays, cutting-edge camera technologies, One-touch functions for content sharing and connectivity, and unique water and dust resistant technology. The festival offers a great background to show off the handset’s features with its use of vivid colors, colored powder and water proving no problem for the Xperia Z. The video was directed by Tarsem Singh of Immortals fame and uses David Bowie’s ‘Sound and Vision’ track which Sonjay Prabhakar has remixed. Watching momentous events in history, listening to music wherever you go, recording moments that changed the world, playing games that shaped your childhood, capturing colourful experiences around the globe. By utilizing the talents of celebrated director Tarsem singh the campaign takes consumers on a colorful journey to experience the vibrancy and excitement of the Holi festival in India. Every year thousands converge to witness this festival of color with its explosion of colored powders and water, creating the perfect setting for the Xperia Z smartphone, with its water-and dust resistant design, to beautifully capture, share and enjoy this visual spectacle. Tarsem’s stunning visuals have been perfectly complemented by David Bowie’s aptly titled classic track ‘Sound and Vision’ which was specially remixed by Sonjay Prabhakar.

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