Shahrukh Khan in Frooti New Ad

KING of FRUIT’S brand has roped on KING Of KHAN

As the heat intensifies, this summer is about to get a whole lot fresher ‘n’ juicier with King Khan joining forces with the King Of Fruits in Frooti’s brand new TVC.

Known for its clutter-breaking commercials involving pranks and reality shows, Frooti has changed the game yet again by bringing superstar Shahrukh Khan on board as its Brand Ambassador.

The film is set in a football field during a practice session, when the players are resting. It shows Shahrukh Khan gulping Frooti, not noticing the bunch of little players watching him, yearning for the mango drink. When Khan is done with his Frooti and looks around, he is taken aback to see the players (grown ups) staring at him, yearning for the drink and drooling much like the kids shown earlier. By saying “What” it breaks them out of the spell.A light Mediterranean soundtrack in the background and a twist at the end these are the active ingredients in Frooti’s brand new film.

Conceptualized and crafted by Creativeland Asia, Parle Agro’s communication partner, the Frooti TV commercial revolves around the magic of fresh ‘n’ juicy mangoes, their mouth-watering deliciousness and the innocent child-like desire for them. At a time when beverages in this segment are busy wooing viewers with seductive commercials, Frooti has Shah Rukh take audiences back to the simple joys of enjoying the pure, fresh ‘n’ juicy taste of mangoes on a hot summer’s day. Their goal this time was to generate ‘appetite appeal’ for Frooti while retaining the brand’s quirkiness

Fresh ‘n’ Juicy is an integral proposition to brand Frooti. Never before in the history of Frooti has the brand taken on a celebrity endorsement with such magnanimous popularity and appeal. In a collaboration that seems like it was destined to be, SRK’s larger than life ‘King Khan’ persona blends seamlessly with the yummy mango’s King of Fruits status For the first time in the history of Frooti, They have associated a celebrity as large as Shahrukh Khan to endorse the brand As merging with brand King Khan, will further enhance magic of the brand and fuel their growth plans.
So when this scorching summer gets a bit too much to take, beat the heat in the royal company of King Khan and the King of Mangoes with a fresh ‘n’ juicy Frooti.

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