Stayfree Tv Advertisement ft. Sakshi Tanwar & Sharmila Tagore

Help women to stay-free
why we change our carefree life when we enter adolescence?

In a country where fairness cream sells more than sanitary napkins, poverty is not the only issue.
The journey from girlhood to womanhood is one of life’s beautiful changes. But this change often fails to bloom in its entirety due to lack of amenities required to support this course.
there are still many patients that use cloth and face vaginal and urinary tract infections as a result.Some even resort to the removal of their uterus’ at an early age to avoid spending on menstrual products.
Myths and a lack of awareness about menstruation are adding to the gender gap. Despite efforts, government and private sector initiatives are still insufficient..
Apart from reflecting or painted a rather grim picture of the menstrual hygiene of Indian women.This tvc also reflects two points:

1 out of 3 girls in our country drops out of school due to lack of hygiene amenities, amongst other reasons
1 out of 2 women in India is anemic due to lack of nutrition.

Prasoon Joshi’s lyrics and Shubha Mudgal’s melody make you live a young girl’s carefree childhood days.. The Stayfree Women for Change initiated by Johnson & Johnson Limited and being endorsed by three Indian celebrity Sharmila Tagore, Sakshi Tanwar and Sneha & all of them are playing different role for different women segment .is working towards bridging the gap between Indian women of two contrasting worlds. The ‘Support a Woman’ program aims to improve the health and hygiene of adolescent girls and women in India by giving them access to health and hygiene amenities they would not have otherwise got.

At the end of campaign that celebrity conveying message “Women for change” where every women can able to get right to live healthy & happy life.Ultimately, this campaign is trying to build up confidence of all rural women / girl who are facing various kinds of inconvenience during their menstrual period. For, that Stay free is now supporting to UNICEF where it can be reach to rural market & also build up brand image.

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