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What Xerox is to photocopier and colgate to toothpaste, is maggi to noodles in India ?

Times changing so does the taste buds but what’s in the Maggi that its flavor and customer never changes? One company which has achieved a reasonable success in introducing a more or less alien food and succeeding is Maggi Noodles The company made an attempt in the mid-90s to change the formulation of the product , which was outright rejected by the consumers and the company had to go back to it old formulation to do a massive communication campaign.
After remaining a single variant (Maida one with variants) for close to two decades, the last couple of years has seen many new launches coming in. When Maggi was first introduced it was made of refined flour or Maida .Over the years due to tough competition from top ramen, nestle has brought out new healthy varieties in Maggi like dal atta noodles made of whole wheat flour and pulses. Rice noodles made of rice flour, and vegetable Atta noodles with whole wheat flour and vegetables…which is better than the normal variety.

Maggi noodles as such has no nutrition value but when it is combined with veggies it is good The journey and success of Maggie Noodles is something worth noticing for a marketer, as one can learn a lot from its marketing strategies and price mechanism. Haven’t any one noticed that in India where inflation is 7% how Maggie is still managed to its price tag of 10rs? Maggi has been nestle flagship culinary brand not only in India but globally as well. Launched in 1983 with its tagline “2 minute noodles ” It was initially targeted working women but repositioned itself to target kids..maggi=

M=misal(Marathi word means good nutritional cheap breakfast)

A=allegro(quick in time)

G=gastronomy (art of easy cooking)



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