Telugu Latest TVc – Dabur Nelli Hair Oil ft. Kajal Agarwal

Dabur India leading natural beauty care company has signed cine star Kajal Agarwal as the brand ambassador for its flagship hair oil brand – Dabur Amla Nelli Hair Oil. She will be endorsing the brand in the South Indian markets.
Pollution and exposure to sun take away the black shine of hair, leaving it dry, limp and dull. Packed with the natural extracts of Nellikai, Dabur Amla Nelli Hair oil not only gives visible black shine, but also provides strength. Dabur Amla Nelli hair Oil works as a natural sun protector for your hair, as it protects hair from the harmful UV rays, Hair oil is an integral part of traditional Indian lifestyle, and generations of women have relied on the natural benefits of oil to keep their hair strong and healthy. Dabur Amla Nelli hair oil penetrates deep into the hair instantly, providing intensive care without leaving a greasy feel. Amla is a brand that has constantly evolved as the epitome of beauty for Indian women, and the brand has always been endorsed by reigning beauty queens from the world of Indian cinema. Now, Dabur India is taking Dabur Amla’s association with beauty a step further with its association with Kajal Agarwal
The brand will be reaching out to its consumers in South India through extensive campaigns be aimed at educating consumers about the proven superiority of Dabur Amla Nelli Hair Oil.

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